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We want you to know there is hope, but we don’t want to give you false hope. Recovery is difficult, it takes work, determination and a lot of prayer. At Prodigal Recovery, you will see we offer many of the tools necessary to remain drug and alcohol-free.  

There are, however, many other tools and resources in our community to help ensure your recovery.  As an individual, you need to be proactive to implement as much as you can into your schedule to ensure your long-term recovery.  

Another thing that is very important and I hear repeated often, is the need to have fun.  We can help you do that here as well.  In addition to 7 large bedrooms with 12 very nice and comfortable beds, here are some of the things we offer other than a well-structured and disciplined home.

  • Large kitchen, living room and dining room

  • 3,400 square foot home

  • Lots of parking

  • Bus stop out front

  • A large recreation room

  • Ping Pong

  • Air Hockey

  • Board Games

  • Darts

  • Billiards 

  • Horse Shoes

  • Volleyball

  • Badminton 

  • Basketball

  • Large covered picnic area/outdoor lounge

  • Gym

  • Shop

  • Cable TV, with movie channels and DVR 

  • Martial Arts training 3 x per week (First month free, this is off site)

  • Boating

  • Very close to Wrightsville Beach

"When you combine the above with a real family atmosphere, we believe this creates a positive environment for healing, fun and most importantly, long term recovery. Proper and experienced management are critical to success and you will find Prodigal Recovery is all about your long term success."
Mark D. Marcley, Sr.
CEO, Prodigal Recovery of NC, Inc.