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Structured Living plan

Prodigal Recovery Structured Living Plan

House Purpose: 

To provide a structured, safe, supportive, and healthy living environment for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction who have reached a point of seeking help and willing to try something different.  We will use our own experience to provide structure and guidance to those willing to become responsible members of society. 

General House Rules and Membership Expectations 

The following are expected of all members of the house regardless of phase. 

Failure to comply with any of the following may result in membership termination! 

Rules subject to change. 

  • Required 12 step meeting attendance: As a member of Prodigal Recovery, you are required to attend 12 step meetings (AA or NA) or Celebrate Recovery. No matter how many meetings you attend in a day only one counts towards your quota per day. The number of meetings per week required varies from phases. IOP DOES count toward your weekly quota If you are employed and working that day if you are not employed or not working that day IOP will NOT count towards your quota. Attending a local church service Sunday morning will count towards your weekly quota. Attending your Wednesday night house progress meeting is mandatory, no exceptions. If the meeting is not signed out, then it doesn’t count. Feel free to attend other fellowships and organizations but if it is not listed above, it will not count.  
  • 12 Step Sponsor: You must obtain an AA or NA sponsor who has or who is working the 12 steps. If you are having trouble finding a sponsor, then trusted members of the house can help assist you. Once obtaining a sponsor it is for your own benefit to start doing some work! A sponsor is required in order to proceed to phase 2. 
  • 12 Step Home Group: Once you decide which fellowship you choose to work steps in you must also obtain a home group. This is a meeting you choose to commit to going to weekly and that coexist with the rest of your schedule, meaning don’t choose a home group that meets the same time you will be at work, school, IOP etc. This is the first time many experience the feeling of self-worth and being a part of something, getting a service commitment ASAP helps speed up that process! A Home group is required in order to proceed to phase 2. 
  • Curfew Adherence: Each member must sign in every night before or at curfew. Curfew varies from phases.  This is your warning for missing curfew.  Missing curfew without prior manager approval will result in a $20 fine.  Missing curfew frequently will result in expulsion.  
  • House Sign out/in: Each member phase three or less MUST sign out every time they leave the house and MUST sign in upon arrival. When signing out it is required to be clear on where you’re going, who you’re going with, and when you’re estimating on being back, as well as the actual time out and in. If there are to be any changes while you are out, you are to contact the house manager and let him know what is going on. 
  • Satisfactory Chore Completion: Each member will be assigned a chore upon arrival, and it will rotate weekly. Chores are expected to be done by ten o’clock each night. If you know you won’t be home until after ten, then it is up to you to do your chore earlier in the day. Same rule applies if it is not signed out then it does NOT count. Every Sunday night there is a deep clean immediately following the house meeting. Nobody wants to live in a nasty environment, so chores are held up to great standards, do your best the first time so you don’t have to do it twice! 
  • Disciplinary Action:  If after receiving a warning for violating any house rules you continue to violate them your actions will result in a fine or removal from the house.  Making the same mistakes twice is a decision on your part and shows a lack of willingness that is required for long term recovery.  In the event you are required to leave, you must pack all your belongings within one hour and take them with you.  If you cannot take them with you, you can come back for them within 48 hours with permission from management.  Coming back on our property without permission will be considered trespassing and that is against the law; violators will be prosecuted.  Belongings left more that 48 hours will be disposed of, given to good will, or become the property of Prodigal Recovery. 
  • Sustained Employment: Finding employment is up to you but if you are not making enough effort, you will be placed on EPP (employment probation period), which will require you to be out of the house looking for work by ten AM every morning, and you will not be allowed back until after four PM. If the weather conditions are unbearable the EPP will not apply to that particular day. This will last until you start work or have a printed schedule of when you start. If you are retired or on disability you are required to volunteer 7 hours a week at one of the places on the provided list as well as doing extra chores around the house can count, as approved by house manager. If you are going to school full time, then you are not required to have a job but if you are only part time then same rules apply. Restricted establishments to work at are any bars (including kava and kratom bars). 
  • Exceptional Personal and Environmental Hygiene: Each member is required to shower, brush their teeth, and use deodorant regularly. This might seem basic to some but many of us didn’t do these things before we got clean. Also, you are responsible to keep your rooms clean and neat, every morning your bed must be made before leaving your room. No food or dishes in bedrooms! Inspections can be held at any time, and if it is not up to house standards it is to be corrected immediately. Any use of the kitchen is to be cleaned ASAP, absolutely no dishes left in the sink, if you need to soak a pot or pan to thoroughly clean it you may do so next to the sink, but it must be cleaned in a reasonable time and must be put away before leaving the house. Any time using the common areas for personal use such as eating, step work/schoolwork, playing games etc. must also be cleaned and put back where it belongs when finished. 
  • Energy Conservation: All lights, fans, radio, TVs etc. are to be turned off when not being used.  No one other than management is to ever adjust a thermostat!   
  • Submit to Facilitated Drug Screening: As a member, you are required to donate a urine sample or perform a breathalyzer test at any requested time! You will be given one hour of close watch if you cannot urinate right away. Any refusal or positive drug screen will result in automatic revocation of membership and be given one hour to pack and vacate the property.  If you are visibly impaired and pass a drug test, you will have to leave.  If you want to return, upon manager’s approval, you will be required to get a comprehensive test from a lab immediately and at your expense.  If the results show no drugs or other mind-altering substance in your system, you may be allowed to return with management approval. 
  • Smoking Areas: Absolutely no smoking or using electronic cigarettes inside the house or shop.  E-cigs are allowed in the game room and gym.  All smoking is to be done outside in the back yard and all cigarettes are to be placed in butt cans.   
  • Membership Dues/Deposit: When accepted as a member into Prodigal Recovery you are agreeing to the following terms: To pay a non-refundable application fee of $150.00, in addition to a $150 refundable security deposit if you leave on good terms (not asked to leave) with at least a one-week notice, plus the first week’s dues od $150.00. If you are told to leave for any reason your deposit will be forfeited! Every week your nonrefundable membership dues of $150.00 are to be collected on Friday by your house manager no later than 10:00pm. If you are late on your dues there will be an additional $5.00 charge for every day past 10:00pm. If you are behind on your dues any longer than 1 week you will be told to leave, and your membership will be terminated. The application fee of $150.00, deposit of $150.00 and 1st weeks dues of $150.00 will be due immediately upon entrance unless prior arrangements have been made directly with either the manager or Mark Marcley. If you arrive on any other day besides Friday, you will still be responsible for the deposit, 1st full weeks dues and a prorated amount of $21.50 for each day leading up to Friday.  This is so that everyone will be on the same payment cycle.  Any member receiving disability, SSI or other subsidies are required to pay $21.50 per day for the number of days remaining in the month in addition to the deposit and $650.00 monthly thereafter.  If anyone violates the terms of this agreement you will not be entitled to any refund.  If you are told to leave for any violation and you owe back dues, your belongings will remain in our possession until back dues are paid in full. 
  • Visitors: Dependent on the phase of a member visitors may be approved by house manager only. Absolutely no visitors allowed in the house if they are not approved! Visitors are welcome in the common rooms and bathroom only. No visitors in bedrooms no exceptions! Visitors are to leave by 9pm but can continue to visit outside or in the game room until your curfew. Disruptive guests will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back to visit. 
  • Overnight Passes:  Once you reach phase 2 you receive the privilege of overnight passes.  Overnight passes are at the discretion of the house manager.  Each request must be approved by the house manager before 7pm the night of the pass.  You will be required to provide contact information of the people you will be staying with.  48-hour passes can only be taken as either a 48-hour pass or one 24-hour pass.  The 48-hour pass cannot be broken up into two separate 24 hour passes.  This is for weekends only. 
  • Surveillance:   All common areas as well as entry and exit points of the house will be under recorded video surveillance.  This is for the protection and benefits of the house members and will be used to deter members or guests from stealing food and other personal or house property. 
  • Restricted establishments: Any bar including kava & kratom bar, hookah bar, or alcohol bar are off limits as well as any night or strip club.  Buffalos and any other place that sells Kratom or “legal” marijuana are all off limits. 
  • Loans:  You should not loan or let anyone barrow anything that you are not willing to lose, we are not responsible for any items not returned! 
  • General consideration/quiet time: Be mindful of your surroundings and other members as some may be studying, sleeping, etc. After 10pm every night you must be extra respectful to your fellow members meaning T.V.s turned down to a reasonable level, not talking on the phone in your room if there’s another member trying to sleep, don’t slam any doors, no music being played from your phone or other devices, don’t keep going in and out of your room if someone else is trying to sleep in there, be sure to turn off all lights, T.Vs, etc. if you’re the last person using them or notice someone else failed to turn it off.  
  • Fighting, arguments: There is no tolerance for any physical altercations. If any occurs your membership will be terminated immediately! Any arguments or disagreements are to be talked out and handled maturely as adults. If there is no agreement reached or this becomes a pattern you will also be asked to leave, and your membership will be terminated. 
  • Medications/doctor visit: All medications need to be listed on the application form. If there are any changes in your medication meaning any new medication, stopping any medication or change of dosage your house manager needs to be notified immediately. When attending a doctor appointment, you must ask for a note stating there was no narcotics prescribed to you. Any prescription that is filled needs to be taken to your house manger directly from the pharmacy still stapled before any consumption. Prodigal Recovery reserves the right to do a pill count at any time. Your medication is not to be distributed to anyone else in the house. Prodigal Recovery does not accept any narcotic medications including any benzodiazepines, narcotic pain relievers, methadone, Subutex or suboxone. We ask that you keep your medications locked away to help prevent any issues with your medication, if you need a lock box one may be provided for you. 
  • Searches: Management reserves the right to search you, your room and or your vehicle for suspected violations of your rules.  This is with or without your knowledge.  This also applies to any vehicle you are known to travel in, even if it’s not yours. 

Items that are not approved:

1. Drugs, alcohol, or any drug paraphernalia
2. Mouthwash containing alcohol
3. Cooking wine 
4. Space heaters 
5. Weapons 
6. Your own furniture or other personal belongings such as tires, large tools, etc. 

  • Membership termination: Failure to comply with any of the listed policies your membership may be terminated, NO EXCEPTIONS! If terminated there will be a minimum of two weeks between the time you leave and reapply to become a member again.  In order to return, you will be required to pay the full administration fee just like a new member.  If you are told to leave, you have one hour to pack ALL your belongings and vacate the premises.  If you don’t take all your things with you when you leave, you will need permission to come back on the property or to enter the house.  Whatever is not picked up within 48 hours, becomes the property of Prodigal Recovery and will be disposed of or donated to Good Will.  Any violation of this rule will be considered trespassing and we will prosecute.  This is for the safety and protection of the other men in the house and for their belongings.  In some cases where the facts aren’t clear, we have the option to take a vote on expulsion, fines, or other measures in the event of any violation. 
  • Amendment to policies: Prodigal Recovery reserves the right to amend any policy at any time that will improve the structure of the house, or the wellbeing of its members.  It’s up to you to remain informed of any and all changes. 

Structured Living Graduated Phasing System 

The purpose of our phasing system is to reward those members of Prodigal Recovery who show continued adherence to all rules and requirements and who demonstrate a proactive approach to their recovery.  Advancement through the phases is based on time in the house, but graduated privileges can be withheld or taken away due to non-compliance with the rules. 

Phase 1- First 30 days: 

  • 10PM Curfew  
  • One meeting per day 
  • Obtain 12 Step Sponsor 
  • Obtain 12 Step Home Group 
  • Obtain employment 
  • No visitors except for immediate family 
  • No overnight passes 

Phase 2– From 30-75 days  

  • 10PM Curfew Sunday-Thursday, Fri/Sat 12AM curfew 
  • 5 Meetings per week 
  • 2 overnight passes per month up to 48 hours each with manager approval, weekends only 
  • Allowed up to 2 visitors 

Phase 3- From 75 days-6 month  

  • 1am Curfew weekends only, 10 PM weekdays 
  • 4 Meetings per week 
  • 1 pass (up to 48hours) every other week with manager approval, weekends only 

Phase 4– After 6 months  

  • 2am Curfew weekends, midnight weekdays 
  • 3 Meetings per week 
  • 1 pass (up to 48 hours) every week with manager approval 
  • Only need to sign out for meetings, chores, and curfew 


  • Fines will be imposed for violations of various items in the structured living plan.  Amount of fine will vary depending on the violation.  Money collected for fines is used for improvements on the house, food, etc., as deemed appropriate by management.  For an updated list of current fines, see manager.